The Classroom Teacher's Guide to Setting Up ESOL Students for Classroom Success E-book and Companion Course

 Modifying curriculum for English Language Learners/ESOL students can be challenging, especially since there are very few resources to help you! That is why I wanted to put together a COMPREHENSIVE training guide to modifying content for your ELLs! This is a one-of-a-kind course delivered from the perspective of a teacher who spent 16 years in the trenches so this includes actual real-life classroom examples! This covers all the basics to help you better connect all students to content using a Social Studies lens.

I assembled my best strategies, tips, advice, classroom moments, soapbox speeches, links, and pretty much the kitchen sink to help you make modifying content for your ESOL students a cinch!

Teachers are SUPER busy and you never know when you will get a new student. Well, what happens when that student speaks limited English? This course shows you some easy ways you can be prepared ahead of time! 

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